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Slip-In Album PP Clear-Cover 4R 72 Poc

The Clear-Cover 4R Photo Album is a sleek and sturdy album that protects your photos while allowing you to showcase them. It has a transparent cover for an unobstructed view and 36 acid-free pages with 72 pockets to accommodate your extensive collection. The top-loading pockets make inserting and removing photos easy, while the clear pockets allow you to admire them without removing them. With its stylish design, the album can be displayed or stored conveniently. The acid-free pages ensure long-term preservation, making it an ideal storage solution for photographers and memory keepers.
Size: 4R (102 x 152mm) Number of pockets: 36, which allows you to put 72 photos


Transform the ordinary into extraordinary with the LA VIDA Faux Leather Tissue Box – where every tissue pull becomes an indulgence in style. Redefine your space with the epitome of elegance.

Abel Coloured/Golden Thumb Tack

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bulletin board with our exquisite thumb tack set. Featuring an assortment of coloured and golden tacks, these high-quality and durable pins securely hold your documents, photos, and artwork in place. From home to office, let your creativity shine and stay organized in style with Abel Coloured/Golden Thumb Tack!

NCL Centennial A4-Size Self-Adhesive Album Refill

This is the refill for the Centennial refillable self-adhesive photo albums / photo books, which are known to keep your photos safe for a 100 years!  Each pack comes with 5 sheets of Centennial refills.

A4/B4 PP Transparent Box File

The A4/B4 Clear PP Box is the ultimate storage solution designed to keep your documents organized, easily accessible, and protected. Made from high-quality polypropylene, this durable file organizer ensures longevity. Its clear design allows for quick document retrieval, while the spacious interior securely holds hundreds of pages. With a convenient snap closure, your files are safeguarded from dust, moisture, and spills. The box features an ergonomic handle for easy portability and is stackable, optimizing your storage space. Its sleek design adds a professional touch to any environment. Invest in this must-have document holder to experience an organized and efficient workspace.

Centre PVC Arch File/ Ring Binder 2″/ 3″ A4/ F4 Size

Centre PVC lever arch files are known for its quality and durability!  Each file has a standard two-hole punching system & strong lever arch mechanism, making it ideal for frequent use.  The bottom of the file has reinforced protection, thus allowing it to last longer even from the regular retrievals.  Ideal for offices, schools, and anyone who wants to file & organise their documents! Available in A4 and F4 sizes with 2" or 3" spine thickness, and in 15 different colours to enable easily color-coding and organization

Double A Printing Paper 80gsm A3 (5 reams)

Comes in a carton of 5 reams of A3 size, Double A’s high fiber content makes it the best copy paper for high-speed machines. Its precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers.

LA VIDA Faux Leather A4 Desk Organiser With Drawers

LA VIDA 3-Drawer A4 Desk Organiser allows you to arrange and store your documents and loose items neatly and within easy reach.  Functional yet stylish in design, its an ideal choice for any home or office desktop organising needs, especially in the meeting rooms.  Top drawer fits A4-size material, while the bottom 2 drawers can be for any other items that are smaller in size. All 3 drawers are lined with velvet.

LA VIDA Faux Leather Desk Organiser

LA VIDA Faux Leather Multi-Function Desk Organisers help you organise daily necessities and office supplies on your desktop.  They keep your space neat and tidy, making you more productive.  With the interior and base lined with velvet, they are themselves a decorative items, adding a touch of elegance to your living or working space.  It is great as a gift to teachers, colleagues and your loved ones.  Comes in 2 models to suit different needs.

Centre Minimalist Black Rim Photo Frame/ Picture Frame

This series of frames are beautifully crafted with only 5mm border and come with velvet backings & glass panels.  The black rim adds a touch of class and sophistication to any living or working space. The frame can be displayed in either orientation on table, or hung on the wall with the loops that come with the backboard.  Available in 5 different sizes: 4R, 5R, 6R, 8R and A4.  

ChuYu Stamp Collection Album – B5/ B6

A must-have for anyone who needs a portable stamp collection albums! You can choose between a smaller size (B6/ 32K) with 16 pages, or a bigger size (B5/ 16K) with 20 pages to meet your need!  

ChuYu Refillable Stamp Collection Album

A must-have for philatelist & stamp collectors! This refillable stamp collection album comes with 16 sheets (32 pages) of refills, and there is sufficient room to add more when needed. Refills consist of 8 sheets of 7-rows (7029), 5 sheets of 6-rows (7028), and 3 sheets of 2-rows (7024). Each album comes with a hard sleeve case to protect your precious stamps.