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Genmes Stapler Kit (2pcs) -SF-E5112M | Stapler and Staples | Compact Stapler | For School, Home and Office Use

Original price was: $2.90.Current price is: $2.30.
The Genmes Stapler Kit is the ultimate office essential with this all-in-one kit, combining a sleek stapler with a supply of high-quality staples, ensuring you're ready for a seamless and efficient stapling experience. Staple with precision and convenience. Order your kit today and redefine the way you bind your important documents.

Genmes Stapler Kit (2pcs) -SF-E103M

Original price was: $2.40.Current price is: $1.70.
Upgrade your stapling game with the Genmes Stapler Kit - a powerful duo that combines innovation and style. Make a bold statement in your workspace and experience stapling perfection. Get your kit today and redefine how you approach your daily tasks!

Genmes Staples – Various Sizes and Quantity

Elevate your stapling experience with these exceptional staples designed for smooth, jam-free, and reliable use. Sizes / Quantity No.10: small box / big box of 20 pkts 23/8: small box 23/10: small box 23/13: small box 23/20: small box B8: small box / big box of 10 pkts