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Chuyu Stamp Collection Album Refill | Stamp Album Refill Sheets | For Stamp Album Binder

Original price was: $4.90.Current price is: $3.90.
The stamp album refills come in various number of rows/ columns per page, allowing collection of stamps of different sizes and orientations. With 13 holes, it is able to fit all types of ring binder.  5 sheets in 1 pack.  

ChuYu Stamp Collection Album – B5/ B6 | Stamp Collection Storage Folder

A must-have for anyone who needs a portable stamp collection albums! You can choose between a smaller size (B6/ 32K) with 16 pages, or a bigger size (B5/ 16K) with 20 pages to meet your need!  

ChuYu Refillable Stamp Collection Album | Stamp Collection Catalogue Journal

Original price was: $30.90.Current price is: $24.90.
A must-have for philatelist & stamp collectors! This refillable stamp collection album comes with 16 sheets (32 pages) of refills, and there is sufficient room to add more when needed. Refills consist of 8 sheets of 7-rows (7029), 5 sheets of 6-rows (7028), and 3 sheets of 2-rows (7024). Each album comes with a hard sleeve case to protect your precious stamps.