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NCL Board Eraser Magnetic | Refillable

Keep your whiteboard spotless with the NCL Board Eraser Magnetic. Its efficient wiping action and durable build ensure a streak-free clean every time. The strong magnetic grip keeps it handy and doubles as a marker holder. Ideal for classrooms and offices, this travel-friendly eraser is a must-have tool for teachers and presenters alike. Experience effortless whiteboard cleaning with the NCL Board Eraser Magnetic!

NCL Magnetic Pen Stand | Pen Holder | Fridge Magnet

Introducing the NCL Magnetic Pen Holder - a stylish and versatile pen and stationery holder. It serves as a handy pen holder for your desk, a fridge magnet and a basket for organizing small items. With a sturdy magnetic handle, it keeps your pen and essentials safe and accessible. Its sleek design complements any space and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Stay organized, save space and increase your productivity with this stylish and compact pen holder. It is also a perfect gift idea for students, professionals and teachers.

NCL Project Folder 3pcs/5pcs | With Divider Tabs

  • NCL Project Folder Set: Organize with Clarity
  • Discover Ultimate Organization Solution:
    • Transparent folders for easy access and visibility.
    • Simplifies document management for professionals, students, and anyone valuing organization.
  • Key Features:
    1. Transparency for Easy Identification:
      • Quickly identify contents without opening folders.
    2. Premium Quality and Durability:
      • Built to endure regular use and protect documents.
    3. Versatile Set Options:
      • Choose from sets of 3 or 5 folders for tailored organization.
    4. Clear Color for Professional Look:
      • Crystal-clear design adds professionalism.
    5. Convenient Size and Design:
      • Perfectly fits standard letter-sized documents.
      • Easy insertion and removal of papers.
    6. Multi-Purpose Functionality:
      • Useful beyond office/classroom for receipts, travel docs, artwork, etc.
  • Elevate Your Document Organization with the NCL Project Folder Set.
  • Order Today for efficient and stylish document management.

NCL Book Type Album 4R 200/300 poc ‘Plain’ | Refillable Album

These beautifully crafted albums/ photo books are a great way to safe keep your collections of precious times spent with your family, friends and loved ones.  Slim and classy looking, they are perfect additions to your book shelves or coffee table. Its compact size also makes it handy and convenient to bring around. Comes with 200/300 pockets of refills, which will stand the test of time. Size: 290x220x70mm Colours: Pink, Gold, Blue & Silver

NCL Book Album 4R 200 Black Pockets | Refillable

NCL Book Album for 4R Photos – a stylish and versatile way to showcase your cherished memories. With 200 black pockets, this album provides an elegant backdrop to your favorite 4R prints, creating a timeless keepsake that's perfect for preserving and sharing special moments.

NCL Refillable Name Card Holder 500 poc | Black Refill

Upgrade your networking experience with the NCL Refillable Name Card Holder – where every business card you receive finds a home of organized elegance. Product dimensions: Holder - L260 x W50 x H320 mm Initial Capacity: 500 cards Refill - L310 x W240 x H5 mm Quantity: 10 sheets Card Size: 91 x 57mm Capacity for Black Refill: Each sheet has 20 slots, can accommodate 20 cards (front & back)

NCL Rotary Cutter – A3/A4 | Cutter Blades | Straight Edge | Perforated Edge

NCL Rotary Cutter – where every cut is a masterpiece. Whether you're an artist, designer, or handling office tasks, this rotary cutter is your reliable companion for achieving professional and creative results. Product Specifications: A3: L532 x W350 x H230 mm A4: L410 x W260 x H30 mm cutter blades: Dia 30mm

NCL Sakutto Scissors | Heavy-Duty Scissors | Stainless Steel Blade | Ergonomic Grip

Upgrade your cutting experience with NCL Sakutto Scissors – where power-saving innovation meets ergonomic design for a cutting-edge approach to efficiency. Whether you're a crafter, DIY enthusiast, or handling everyday tasks, these scissors redefine the standards of cutting tools. Product Specifications: L175 x W78 mm

NCL Card Holder 208 poc | Game Card Collection Album

Introducing the NCL Card Holder 208 Pockets – where the art of card collecting meets the essence of organized elegance. This holder is more than a storage solution; it's a showcase for your cherished trading card collection. Elevate your collecting experience with a meticulously designed holder that not only protects but also presents your cards with flair. Product Specifications: L205 x W163 x H40 mm pocket size: L97 x W70 mm Colours Available: Blue, Grey

NCL Card Holder B8 | Game Card Collection Album

The NCL Card Holder B8 redefines how you carry and present your essential cards. Make a lasting impression with this sleek and stylish accessory. Product Specification: L101 x W80 x H51 mm Pocket Size: L95 x W72 mm No. of Pockets: 90 Pockets

NCL Centennial A4-Size Self-Adhesive Album Refill | Photo Album Refill Sheets

This is the refill for the Centennial refillable self-adhesive photo albums / photo books, which are known to keep your photos safe for a 100 years!  Each pack comes with 5 sheets of Centennial refills.

NCL KadoR Round Corner Punch (R4mm+R7m+R10mm+Lip)

Create perfectly finished paper crafts or scrapbooks with 4-way corner cutter. Designed to punch four different corners, NCL KadoR Corner Punch is the perfect tool for giving some extra vitality to your creations.