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KW Trio 1-Hole Punch Mini | Assorted Colours | Built-In Lock

Upgrade your on-the-go organization with the KW Trio 1-Hole Punch Mini – where compact design meets powerful punching performance. Whether you're in class, at the office, or working remotely, this mini punch is your reliable companion for quick and precise hole punching. Product Specifications: L50 x W23 x H50 mm Colours available: Black, Turquoise, Purple and Pink

Kenko 2-Hole Punch (Medium/Large) – Metal

Kenko Metal 2-Hole Punch is constructed to ensure durability and strength. The built-in locking mechanism facilitates storage as it takes up minimal space on your desktop, cabinet or drawer.  A paper guide is provided to ease in punching precision 

Kenko Transparent 2-Hole Punch – Small & Medium

Elevate your office essentials with this transparent wonder, designed to make hole punching a breeze.

Genmes 1-Hole Punch- SF-J1902

Genmes 1-Hole Punch – where simplicity meets precision in the art of document organization. Elevate your workspace with this compact and efficient hole punch, designed to streamline your paperwork and bring a touch of practicality to your daily routine.

Genmes Replacement Set for 2-Hole Punch Heavy Duty (SF-J9302)

Genmes 2-Hole Punch Heavy Duty Replacement Set – a dynamic duo crafted to revive and enhance your heavy-duty hole punching experience. Elevate your organizational game with this set designed for longevity, precision, and seamless performance in every punch.

Genmes Slot Punch Metal | ID Card Badge Hole Puncher | Paper Punch

Genmes Slot Punch metal - A compact powerhouse that makes slot punching a breeze. Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of simplicity and precision in your identification materials.

Genmes 1-Hole/ One Hole Punch Metal

Genmes 1-Hole Punch – Effortlessly combines simplicity and precision. Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance in your daily paperwork routine.

KW Trio Cool Coloured 1-Hole/ One Hole Punch

KW Trio Cool Coloured One Hole Punch – where functionality meets flair in the world of document organization. Elevate your workspace with this vibrant and efficient one-hole punch,

Genmes Heavy-Duty 2-Hole/ Two Hole Punch / Power-Saving Punch

Genmes has various heavy-duty 2-hole punchers that support your different requirements. All comes with paper guide.

Genmes 3 & 4 Hole Punch Adjustable

Genmes 3 & 4 Hole Punch Adjustable – a versatile and adjustable hole puncher designed to cater to your varied punching needs. Elevate your document organization with this innovative hole punch, where flexibility meets precision, allowing you to customize your punching experience seamlessly.