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KW Round Head Push Pin | Assorted Colours | 15 Pcs

Streamline your organization with KW Round Head Push Pin. Effortlessly pin up documents, photos, and more with its sharp tips and reliable grip. The vibrant round heads add a touch of flair to your workspace, making it easy to stay organized and creative. From classrooms to offices, KW Round Head Push Pin is a versatile and essential tool for all your pinning needs. Embrace efficiency and style with KW Round Head Push Pin!

NCL Board Eraser Magnetic | Refillable

Keep your whiteboard spotless with the NCL Board Eraser Magnetic. Its efficient wiping action and durable build ensure a streak-free clean every time. The strong magnetic grip keeps it handy and doubles as a marker holder. Ideal for classrooms and offices, this travel-friendly eraser is a must-have tool for teachers and presenters alike. Experience effortless whiteboard cleaning with the NCL Board Eraser Magnetic!

Kenko Push Pins | Assorted Colours | 100 Pcs

Keep your workspace tidy and well-organized with Kenko Push Pins. These reliable and durable pins effortlessly secure documents, notes, and reminders on bulletin boards and corkboards. With their sharp tips and easy-to-see colorful heads, pinning and repositioning is a breeze. Whether in the classroom, office, or at home, Kenko Push Pins make organization simple and efficient. Embrace orderliness with Kenko Push Pins!

Cox White Board Cleaner | Liquid Cleaner | Scent-Free

- Cox Alcohol-based white board cleaner - Spray directly on white board and clean with a duster or cloth - Removes dirt quickly without damaging whiteboard surface or human skin - Ideal for cleaning white board, glass and the external surface of office equipment - Comes in 2 different sizes

Abel Push Pin Colour

Abel Push Pin Colour: Vibrant and Functional Brighten up your workspace with these eye-catching push pins. Their vivid hues allow for easy organization and color-coding of your important notes and documents. With a sharp and durable design, they securely hold your papers without damaging them. Whether in the office, classroom, or home, these versatile push pins add a touch of style and functionality to any display. Stay organized and creative with Abel Push Pin Colour!

Centre A4 Coloured Soft Magnet Sheet | Magnetic | For School, Home and Office Use

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Centre A4 coloured soft magnet sheets are vibrant, premium quality magnet sheets for all your creative and organizational needs!

Magnet Strip | Assorted Colours | 12 Pc | For White Board/ Fridge

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  • Strong Magnetic Force: Powerful magnets for secure grip on various surfaces.
  • Whiteboard Strip: Easily display important documents and messages on whiteboards.
  • Fridge Magnet: Neatly arrange shopping lists, reminders, and photos on your fridge.
  • Bar Magnet: Cut into smaller pieces for custom magnets in DIY projects and more.
  • Rubber Magnet: Durable rubber coating protects surfaces from scratches.
  • Easy Installation: Peel off the adhesive backing and stick to desired surface.
  • Trim to Fit: Customize the length for a perfect fit in any space.
  • Versatile: Ideal for home, office, classroom, and more.
  • Organize and Decorate: Say goodbye to clutter and hello to creative displays.
  • Practical and Reliable: A must-have magnetic tool for everyday use.

VPlus Map Pin | Push Pin | Round Head Pin

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Enhance your maps and travel boards with VPlus Map Pin. These charming and durable pins effortlessly mark your journeys, points of interest, or vision board goals. With sharp precision and vibrant colors, create captivating displays that captivate and inform. From classrooms to boardrooms, VPlus Map Pin is the ideal companion for organizing and presenting geographic data. Elevate your map-based projects with VPlus Map Pin and let your creativity take flight!

NCL Magnetic Pen Stand | Pen Holder | Fridge Magnet

Introducing the NCL Magnetic Pen Holder - a stylish and versatile pen and stationery holder. It serves as a handy pen holder for your desk, a fridge magnet and a basket for organizing small items. With a sturdy magnetic handle, it keeps your pen and essentials safe and accessible. Its sleek design complements any space and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Stay organized, save space and increase your productivity with this stylish and compact pen holder. It is also a perfect gift idea for students, professionals and teachers.

Kenko Dressing/ Tailoring Pin | Round Head Straight Pins

Unleash your creativity with Kenko's Dressing Pin – where every pin is a promise of sewing perfection. Transform your sewing projects into masterpieces, one precisely placed pin at a time. Upgrade your sewing experience today.

Office & Tailoring Pins | Dressmaking Pins | Straight Pins

Elevate your precision and add a touch of sophistication to your workspace with our premium Office and Tailoring Pins – the essential tools for every meticulous task. Designed for both office professionals and crafting enthusiasts, these high-quality pins are a definite must-have!

Abel Coloured/Golden Thumb Tack | Board Pins | Assorted Colours

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bulletin board with our exquisite thumb tack set. Featuring an assortment of coloured and golden tacks, these high-quality and durable pins securely hold your documents, photos, and artwork in place. From home to office, let your creativity shine and stay organized in style with Abel Coloured/Golden Thumb Tack!